Thoughts on: Vincent and the Doctor

One thought on “Thoughts on: Vincent and the Doctor”

  1. “Vincent And The Doctor” is easily one of the best breather episodes in the Doctor Who canon. After things got pretty intense in “The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood”, “Vincent and the Doctor” at first appeared to be a simple story about the Doctor and Amy spending a quiet weekend investigating with Van Gogh, and in some ways it was that, and in other ways it was quite a feels trip. Like you said, this was a stark episode about how humanity tends to shun what it doesn’t understand, and how difficult it would be to live with depression in era where people don’t know how to treat mental illnesses. Vincent is impaired by his illness but he never feels defined by it (he’s actually very personable once the Doctor and Amy have earned his trust), and it’s a testament to how much character work Richard Curtis packs into one episode that the audience is on the edge of their seats every time the camera cuts back to Vincent crying in the gallery scene. The Doctor and Amy are precious in this episode. It’s easy to forget just how chemistry Matt Smith and Karen Gillan had as a buddy act until you revisit Series 5 and 6, and their friendship has to be one of my favorites in the series.

    “The ultimate ginge”.


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