Thoughts on: The Angels Take Manhattan

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on: The Angels Take Manhattan”

  1. I disagree with you. I think it was the perfect send-off to two amazing characters. We already knew that Rory would sacrifice everything for Amy at any time. The part that really triggered me is that her love for Rory exceeded her love of The Doctor, time travel, the Tardis, and even her own daughter. In the final farewell, it was Amy who sacrificed, NOT Rory. In that moment, she truly became her own character, her own woman, and (this seems odd) an adult.

    As for the episode itself, I think it’s one of the best episodes Moffat ever had. I don’t agree that in ten years it will be the episode best remembered as the one Amy leaves. Instead, I think it will be the one that will be remembered because it was terrifying. Weeping Angels creating a “battery farm”, cherub angels, the Statue of Liberty Angel… all of it. I think it will go down as an episode as remarkable and memorable as “Blink”.


    1. I wasn’t knocking the Ponds’ exit itself — that was perfect. I just felt the episode itself was a bit of an understated affair for the departure of probably the most important companion(s) since Rose. It played with some excellent and inspired concepts, and obviously had the potential to be something truly great, but for me it fell just a bit flat. It’s a good episode, to be sure, but it’s one that I’ll remember largely because of Amy and Rory’s departure rather than the narrative itself.


      1. Fair enough. I think my opinion of the episode is highly influenced by DH…he’s so terrified of the Angels, he can’t pass by a stone statue without being convinced it is an Angel — “the image of an angel becomes itself an angel”. I hear that just about every time we see a statue, and Heaven Forbid it’s a statue of an Angel LOL. So it’s memorable for me, but probably more due to DH hiding behind a pillow most of the episode LOL

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      2. Lol nice. Unfortunately there aren’t many stone angels in Australia where I live, so I don’t have the pleasure of being scared by them in real life :p


      3. First, I would like to say, there are perhaps three things in the entire world that DH is afraid of. That’s it. But when it comes to this fear, it’s almost any statue…but there was one specific one that truly terrified him. We went to my cousin’s destination wedding in Punta Cana. At the resort, outside of our building, there was this bus stop thing (they had little trolleys so you wouldn’t have to walk all the way to where-ever) I don’t know who came up with the idea, but it was hilarious! We had to meet people for breakfast our first day, and we went down to the trolley-stop. It was enclosed and had a bench — but behind the bench was a freaking stone statue – OF AN ANGEL! He practically passed out. I laughed so hard I almost couldn’t stand up, and he was freaking out because I sat on the bench and he said “you can’t see it sitting there…. you NEED to move! It will kill you!” That didn’t help my giggles, but I did get up, but I took a picture of it. Again with the image becoming an angel, he tried to delete it, but I wouldn’t let him. It wasn’t until I got home later that I realized WHY he freaked out so badly… and I felt terrible, and I myself felt creeped out by it. I think I deleted it on my own because it made me nervous. It was an angel, but it didn’t cover it’s face. Instead, it stood there, with it’s arms up and out, hands pointed backwards level to it’s head, and it had the PERFECT Angel face — right before the teeth are bared.Almost innocent. At the time, it really didn’t register, but when I got home…that was a different story. I just kept thinking “a picture is an image. an image becomes an angel. a picture is an image […]” I had to delete it LOL

        The funny thing is, I LOVE the weeping Angels as a Who villain, but they don’t actually frighten me. Most of them don’t. I don’t walk around frightened of statues, or mannequins, trash cans or plungers, Santa, vampires…any of them. But that time… that one time… a week after the initial eye-balling of the angel… THAT freaked me out. Weird, right?


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