Thoughts on: Robot of Sherwood

One thought on “Thoughts on: Robot of Sherwood”

  1. The only thing about this episode I didn’t like was the stupid golden arrow. If they were collecting gold to fly the ship, why give away a solid gold arrow — which also happens to be the only way for the ship to fly out of the atmosphere. Pfft. Otherwise the episode was awesomely hilarious!

    “It’s just that if Robin Hood were real, he almost certainly wouldn’t have resembled the way he’s portrayed in storybooks and remembered in folk legends anywhere near the Robin Hood in this episode did.” I believe he was real because he was made real by the ship. The ships computers created a perfect world based on story books; altered the surroundings, added people, etc. That’s why they were all there. Otherwise, the Doctor would have been right when he said in the beginning that she would be disappointed.

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