Thoughts on: Time Heist

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on: Time Heist”

  1. Good review. I liked this episode and I hope to see PSI again.

    I actually had a problem with the 12th Doctor in this story. I think that they wrote him as 11, in fact I think that this was a script for Matt and they didn’t change anything.

    Look at what 12 does in this story. He flirts with the attractive female villain, he flaps his hands all over the place, he is infatuated with Clara and goes on about their adventure being a date, he makes lame little jokes that make him seem geeky and cute like his Leaning tower of Piza joke.

    His “shut up, shuttiy up” IMO was more 11th Doctor than Malcolm Tucker.

    I think it took them a while to get 12 right and sadly in this ep IMO Peter Capaldi is playing Matt Smith as the Doctor.

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    1. Eh, I thought his callous reactions to Saibra and Psi’s “deaths” were at least making a point about Capaldi’s Doctor. You wouldn’t have seen Eleven witness that without showing as much as a flicker of regret (and just watch Clara’s reaction the second time it happens).


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