Thoughts on: The Caretaker

One thought on “Thoughts on: The Caretaker”

  1. “In his disbelief at Clara over her choice of boyfriend, he comes across as a bigoted grandparent upset his granddaughter has brought home a Catholic (or a Muslim, or whatever). In his disdain for Danny Pink he comes across as a cantankerous, irritable old man, which is an impression the writers should really be careful to avoid, as it’s a characterisation that can tend to alienate viewers, and one the writing of Capaldi’s Doctor can very easily fall into.”

    I saw it as a mix of his dislike for soldiers, and also a little jealousy. He’s The Doctor — women should swoon. And he really did think his previous self had a little something going with Clara: “Clara there have been mistakes; I am not your boyfriend.” “I never said you were” “I didn’t say it was your mistake.”

    Also, Robots of Sherwood – he was equally pleasant to Robin Hood, and when they knocked the keys into the grate, he even said “at least Clara wasn’t hear to see that”. I think the residual feelings from Matt Smith’s Doctor remain — he cares for Clara a great deal, but knows he’s not her type and not as perfect as she likes her life to be; but he can’t help being a bit jealous.

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