Thoughts on: Flatline

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on: Flatline”

  1. The first time around, this series drove me crazy. I LOVED the new Doctor, but I felt that Clara was sort of pointless after a while. On second watching, I REALLY love the new Doctor, and although Clara is irritating me still, I do like that they’ve switched it around and she’s turning more into the Doctor. The only problem I see is that in every previous version, the audience got to see who the new Doctor was as a person,this time, it’s more about who Clara is as a person — there’s no Big Red Button or whatever to help the Doctor find out what kind of a man he is — instead, there’s just a conversation with Clara (who’s “I don’t know” drove me crazy; eventually she answered, but I thought it took too much of Clara’s help for him to decide). Also, upon completion of the entire series 8 this weekend, DH made a statement to me that floored me. I was talking about how I felt it was silly to put Clara in these weird situations; having to chose between Danny and the Doctor (Amy could have Rory and the Doctor, etc), and I just felt it silly. It seemed less silly the second watch through, but still, silly. He said something interesting: Time Lady + Clara being a great Doctor (although not good) + the Doctor being a good Dalek = maybe setting the stage for a Time Lady Doctor. Food for thought I guee 🙂


    1. I have a feeling Moffat is certainly clearing the way for a female Doctor, but that ultimately he’ll leave the decision whether to actually cast a female as the Doctor to a future showrunner, because in all likelihood he won’t be staying on as showrunner for the next Doctor.


      1. I honestly couldn’t speak to whether or not Moffat was intending to stay past this Doctor or not; all I know is that the idea of a female Doctor seems to intrigue him. I know a lot of people like to paint his portrayals of females with a wide brush, saying that they’re little more than feminist tropes, but I think that during his tenure he has managed to create strong female roles, and women (even every day women) as strong, intelligent, and self-sufficient. Yes, there are the occasional Damsel in Distress moments, even with the companions, but on the flip-side, he’s made several of those moments for the Doctor as well, where the women save him because he’s in over his head. Whether or not he’s the showrunner that realizes the Doctor as a woman or not, he has definitely set a sound basis for a female Doctor for whoever does realize it.

        BTW: What makes you say that he won’t be showrunner for the next Doctor?


      2. I think that it’s pretty likely he’ll retire from Doctor Who when Capaldi goes. By then he’ll have been showrunner for at least 6 series (given he’s confirmed to stay on until at least Series 10) and will have overseen two Doctors’ eras, making at least a 7-year tenure in total. As much as he loves the show, I think he might feel at that point that he’s finished; yet another 3+ years and a whole new era to produce might be too much for him, and I think that, unless Series 10 is utterly spectacular, fans would reasonably expect him to go at that point, that if he were to stay any longer he’d be overstaying his welcome.


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