Thoughts on: The Magician’s Apprentice / The Witch’s Familiar

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on: The Magician’s Apprentice / The Witch’s Familiar”

  1. Your recap is excellent. We agree on so much. Especially the Missy factor. We also were unsure of how we felt about Missy in series 8, but definitely have come to love her now. The acting across the board was amazing in these two episodes. We can not wait for the next episode!!!

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  2. This series opener had me at the edge of my seat, with my mouth set perpetually in an ‘O’ of surprise, shock and delight. I fell in love with Missy by the end of the second episode. Michelle Gomez is a fantastic actress and her character is hilariously portrayed unlike in the eighth season where, perhaps due to to considerably less onscreen time, we didn’t get to explore her hilarity as much.
    I love how Moffat made sure to make sure that we understood that Missy isn’t ‘good’ Missy killing the two soldiers and trying to get the Doctor to kill Clara conveyed this message clearly enough.
    I hope the sonic screwdriver comes back to the show. True, the Doctor rocks the Ray-Bans but i don’t think anything can replace the flair of the sonic screwdriver. But perhaps the writers felt that the doctor was relying too much on the screwdriver and attempted to change that. After all, we can’t expect the sonic screwdriver to get the Doctor out of every sticky situation. But perhaps its charm lies in exactly that.

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    1. I’m in love with Missy! I love that Michelle Gomez actually seems to be injecting her own personality into Missy. Missy has Gomez’s very dry, whimsical, and very Scottish, sense of humour. I’m so glad we got a full two episodes to enjoy her.

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