8 questions for Doctor Who Series 9

6 thoughts on “8 questions for Doctor Who Series 9”

  1. To address all 8, here are my theories:

    I think Missy’s clever idea has less to do with controlling the Daleks, and more like using them (maybe) to get the Doctor back. It’s that whole love-hate thing that Missy/Master and the Doctor have had. It could even be that her idea is to use the Daleks to start the Time War. I’m not sure, but her clever ideas usually end up pretty bad for both the Doctor and Earth lol

    I think the regeneration energy just gave all the Daleks, including the ones in the sewer and Davros a bolt of revitalization, bringing back those that were dying sort of thing. I don’t know if it will have repercussions, I’m just thinking that maybe it’s a reason to keep Davros alive for something important later. However, it doesn’t matter to me…Missy poked him in the eye, and that was just brilliant 🙂

    I think Davros was being sincere. Since he and the Doctor first met, there has been little (that I’ve seen) where Davros wasn’t being sincere with the Doctor. That’s what makes him such a great villain (IMHO): he’s sincere with the Doctor and as a result, gets the Doctor to be sincere with him, almost forcing the Doctor to make “stupid mistakes” each time (although somehow the Doctor always has a contingency on his stupid mistakes). I think what we saw was the real Davros – the man behind the monster, which is always the way he is with the Doctor.

    I missed the word “Daughter” in that scene…. wow. Mind bender!

    I think Missy escaped Gallifrey because she wasn’t there. I think Missy’s been running longer and harder than the Doctor ever did. I think (s)he took off before the war started on some scheme or other, and therefore missed it. Probably knew it was happening, but didn’t want to be involved, therefore she escaped. However, there’s another theory that I have: maybe she was there and she did escape. It happened with Dalek Khan (who went mad), and maybe Missy too (she’s slightly mad, no?) It’s just a theory though.

    I don’t think the screwdriver is gone for good. Although there have been a few Doctors in the past that didn’t carry them, my feeling is that it will come back. If for no other reason than they can charge $30 for a sonic, but no one will buy $5 sunglasses for $30 because they make a noise. Plus, I REALLY don’t like them, so I hope the sonic comes back.

    The Doctor’s confession dial is confusing, I agree. It could be any number of things. I would, however, assume that it’s things that he regrets. And since it’s twelve’s confession dial, I doubt his destroying all his people would be on there because he saved Gallifrey. I think it probably has something to do with his companions over the years, the ones that he didn’t do right by, or couldn’t. Also, he sent it to Missy rather than Clara, so it would also probably be a “transfer of title” for the TARDIS. That’s just a thought.

    I think what you say about the titles may be true, but I also think they both have to do with Missy. In these episodes, Missy came to Clara trying to save him, and was working to do just that. So she’s his apprentice; but in the second episode, she was the witch (as he introduced her in the beginning of the first ep, “the wicked witch”), and Clara was the familiar. Dunno if that’s what was meant, but it’s my theory. Either way, they were great titles, even if they have no direct correlation to the stories as far as the audience can tell.

    As a final note, I think that Missy was the woman in the shop, and her plan may have had something to do with the Doctor ultimately killing his companion. If you look at the history of Clara (this version), she has done things, and he’s had her do things that could have or should have killed her pretty consistently. In this plot, Missy runs Clara through the steps to make sure it comes out Dalek, then hands the Doctor a weapon and says it was the Dalek that killed Clara. Missy probably wanted him to kill Clara, and when he didn’t, she looked annoyed, like her plan failed.

    Again, these are all just my silly notions. 🙂

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    1. You could be right about that final theory, about Missy making the Doctor kill Clara. Maybe that’s how Clara will leave at the end of Series 9. Moffat did say that Clara’s exit will be “heartbreaking” (or some equally evocative word to that effect).

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      1. I’m not sure that will happen thought. That’s what I think Missy wanted, in that moment in “The Witch’s Familiar”, to break-down the pieces so she’d have the ability to pick them back up. You know, best friend things. If she can get him to do something like that, the Doctor would be more like her. But now that the moment has passed (“mercy” and all that), I don’t think she’ll try that again. The Doctor, killing his companion, is not the right feel. Know what I mean? He’s OK with the genocide of warrior aliens, but not OK with one human death. What I do think, at this point, is that Missy will have something to do with Clara’s death, as she did with Clara coming into the Doctor’s life. Full circle.


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