Thoughts on: The Girl Who Died

One thought on “Thoughts on: The Girl Who Died”

  1. Thank you for this intense review. I am enjoying this episode better than the last. As a side note, enjoyed this season’s first episode much better than the second. Missy (The Master) has become one of my favorite characters, and cannot say enough about Michelle Gomez.
    As for the Viking episode; It’s better than the last episode, and I like that the Doctor is now questioning ‘the rules.’ He is doing a lot more soul searching as Clara pushes him in to new arenas of thought, and action.
    Chris Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith were younger Doctors, and did have some similarities. Peter Capaldi brings a new dimension to the Doctor’s character. Not just age as the writing has the Doctor becoming more thoughtful while maintaining a stubborn quality.

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