First thoughts: The Zygon Invasion

3 thoughts on “First thoughts: The Zygon Invasion”

  1. I really did like it…and also immediately thought that this could be the perfect out for Clara — even before the episode started. I looked at DH and said, “Zygons can anyone — what if they kill and become Clara, and the pushes the Doctor over the edge?” DH liked the idea (because a nice peaceful death is below Clara at this point, but the only way to give her a proper send-off (IMHO). Then, after watching the episode, I amended my previous statement: the Zygons are keeping her alive in one of the pods so they can get as much information as they can from her before killing her — and that would make sense as to why Clara has been so different this season — all season, The Impossible Girl was Zygon. Just a weird thought that came to me 🙂

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    1. Nice idea (your second one), it was one I was also wondering about before this episode aired. But did you see the brief flashback to when the Zygons cornered Clara in her neighbours’ apartment? Clara was kidnapped at the beginning of the episode.


      1. This is true…. but at the same time, they didn’t actually state WHEN that was. They showed the scene in such a way (the first and second time) that it appeared to be at the same time as everything else that was going on, but as we know, insurrection takes longer than 1 day. For all we know, that could have been at any point this season. The only reason why it seems like it had to be this episode is because the Doctor called her like 112 times and there was a major issue going on and he called her at least three times that we saw. But it could have been at any time, and the Zygon just didn’t answer her phone until they extracted enough information out of her to know who the Doctor was and why he would call her… it is Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey after all — isn’t that the point of Doctor Who?

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