On the Series 10 debacle

4 thoughts on “On the Series 10 debacle”

    1. I know what you mean… 9 months for new Doctor Who is excruciating! But I’m not sure more episodes per season would be for the better. Peter Capaldi said he’s exhausted by doing only 12 episodes a year, so I have a feeling that doing more episodes would reduce the quality of the show all round.

      At least we don’t have to wait 2+ years for new episodes, like we do for Sherlock… :/


      1. Oh my, thank the stars for that! Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be kinder if they stopped doing Sherlock altogether instead of torturing us with the never ending wait. And then what were they thinking when they did the Christmas special? I don’t want a one-off episode that has nothing to do with the main plot -.-

        But I guess having more episodes really wouldn’t be helpful. I’m starting to like Capaldi and I want him to have fun shooting DW.


      2. Ahaha, every time Steven Moffat comes out with another press statement to the effect of “We haven’t started writing Sherlock series 4 yet” I legitimately have the urge to self-harm :p It’s like he’s enjoying seeing us in agony like this.

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