Thoughts on: Face the Raven

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on: Face the Raven”

  1. Absolutely amazing review, and I agree with practicality every word. With Rose, Donna and “the Ponds” I was inconsolable. I can’t watch any of their final (or leading up to) episodes without crumpling in to an utter mess.
    I didn’t feel like that with Clara. It was a good episode, granted. It was clever and interesting and I’m so glad they decided to actually kill a companion but my heart wasn’t in it.
    The only thing I can think of it that I’m slightly bitter that she awfully stole all the Doctor’s limelight in s8 and I haven’t quite forgiven her. Either way, story wise, it just didn’t feel emotional enough. I’m thinking they left it as quite an anticlimax because she is returning in the finale. I can’t wait to see how they bring her back!

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I’m glad someone feels the same way as me, I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with me, because it worked for so many others. Perhaps you’re right about it being purposefully left on an anticlimax because of Clara’s return in episode 12. If she returns I’m hoping we’ll get a proper, emotional farewell between her and the Doctor. Anyway, I can’t think how I’m going to make it to next weekend! All this waiting and anticipation is cruel 😦

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      1. Ahhhh I know! I really am curious how they fit Clara back in to the story. I was thinking maybe she’s a splinter version, but then the farewell may not be as emotional as she isn’t the “real” Clara.
        I just can’t wait to find out, so many questions!

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  2. I didn’t find anything wrong with her worrying about his emotional state. Almost all of his companions have in the past. Various mentions of him not traveling alone, etc. Although I agree it didn’t reduce me to tears, I thought it was powerful because all she wanted was to die bravely like Danny Pink, and by leaving to room spare the Doctor the pain.

    I think she wanted to be like the Doctor in more ways than one: clever (but not so clever as to get herself killed as in this episode), travel more, understand almost anything, have no limitations, and regenerate if possible. Not to mention that despite her agonizing personality last season, she admired the Doctor, and in her own way, really did love him.

    I was not strongly emotionally moved either, but then after thinking about it, what would you say to the most important person in your life who’s gone through so much with you and who you’ve always been willing to sacrifice yourself for, who you think you’ve failed in the end? Just “goodbye”? I don’t think so. You’d do whatever you could to ease their mind, make sure they understand there’s more out there than just you, and try to be brave in the end so you don’t destroy the person you love. If you’re strong, then they can be too. At least that’s the running habit in my family.


    1. It just felt to me that Clara was way too cool and composed and lacking in self-awareness for someone who was literally moments away from death. If it were me, I don’t think I’d be making sure my loved one(s) would cope without me, I’d just be hugging them and crying onto their shoulders, telling them I loved them, etc.


      1. It depends on the person. People with long illnesses usually worry about others in their life. And with Clara, even the Doctor thought she was too much. I think she worried about him for 2 reasons. 1. His companions are always the best of humanity in a crisis, 2. I think a part of her wanted to die. She didn’t do it on purpose, but she hasn’t been right since Danny.


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