My top 5 Tardis teams

5 thoughts on “My top 5 Tardis teams”

    1. Ah I just love them. I was sad when that team ended in Series 7, and I have to confess I didn’t like Clara at first because I kind of felt like she was an interloper, a poor replacement for Amy, haha! Now I know better, and I’m sad to see Clara go :/


      1. I was the same. I couldn’t accept her the first time I watched s8. I felt she ruined Matt’s regeneration. I wanted him to regenerate when he lost the Ponds, because that was his era and it wouldn’t get better. But she started to grow on me just as I found out she’d be leaving!

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      2. I actually wouldn’t have minded seeing a fourth series of Matt Smith, as I think he was originally intending to do. I would have been interested to see where they took the character. But then we might have missed out on Capaldi and Twelve-Clara, who are the most adorable pair ever :p

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