7 questions before the finale

7 thoughts on “7 questions before the finale”

  1. You are so awesome you got a new follower :).
    I agree with you on your point of view with Clara, but what I’m wondering is: Where is Missy right now? Idk if this a valid question but I mean where is she??
    I am super exited that Gallifrey is back but terrified if the Doctor will actually become the Valeyard. Great job tho!
    P.S I also have a blog if you want to check it out

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    1. Thank you!! You’re kind 🙂 And I’ll definitely check out your blog too.

      Good point about Missy. The last we saw her she was surrounded by Daleks in the crumbling city on Skaro, announcing she had just had a “very clever idea”. It sounded like she was going to make an alliance with the Daleks… There’s surely going to be some follow-through on that at some point, although maybe not until next series — I’m not sure how they’d be able to fit Missy + Daleks into the finale tbh (although happy to be proved wrong).

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      1. 🙂 Yeah this seasons finale is defiantly packed with stuff already but Missy is one of my favorite characters so I would welcome her. And thank you for following my blog!! So cool to find fellow whovians! 🙂

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  2. Missy? Hmmmm….I wonder; Lurking in the background, and maybe had a reference in ‘Heaven Sent.’ Missy: Could she actually be…….? You’ll note she has a history. The Master has been evil, and then, again?

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  3. My theory is that Alshidr (Me) is playing a deeper game. She wanted to get the Time Lords off her back but also wanted to save Clara by getting her far away from the Doctor. So, she uses her connections to get another “repair kit” and applies it to Clara after the Doctor teleports away.

    She doesn’t realize how far the Doctor will go. So, in an attempt to stop him shows up with Clara. Clara and the Doctor agree that it’s too dangerous for her to travel with him any longer; and, quite frankly, she’s disappointed in him that he broke her “order” to him. So, he leaves her to live her life; partly relieved that she’s alive, but partly heart-broken that he betrayed her and himself. He tries to go back to being the Doctor he was.


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