Thoughts on: Heaven Sent

9 thoughts on “Thoughts on: Heaven Sent”

  1. Your review really sums up all of the feelings I went through went watching this episode. I couldn’t stop thinking about the philosophy and emotion behind this episode for days, but I guess it’s a Whovian thing. Great job!

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  2. Thank you for writing everything I’ve been unable to put into words. Since I first watched the episode I haven’t done anything more than make unintelligible noises of astonishment and admiration. It was packed with so much emotion and everything about it was utter perfection. I guess I don’t know how to comment on a masterpiece. Fantastic review!!

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    1. Thank you!! This has actually been one of the hardest reviews I’ve written for exactly those reasons. It’s hard to express coherent thoughts when your head is spinning, as mine was.


  3. Definitely agree with your perspective, overall. It’s a great story.

    My thought about the inconsistency you mentioned (it occurred to me too, pretty quickly) is that the Doctor must have known that if he’d given into the temptation of stopping the Veil by giving up the secret of the Hybrid, he would never have been able to leave the dial. So instead, he chipped away at his escape route for billions of years until he broke free. Once out, keeping the secret (at least the basics of the secret–surely, there’s a lot more to this to be revealed) was not such a priority, so the Doctor uses it as a threat.

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    1. You could be right, although I thought he would be released once he made his final confession. Or perhaps what he’d need to do to escape was reveal a lot more about the Hybrid than the cryptic “the Hybrid is (M/m)e”, which he wasn’t prepared to do.


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