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  1. Brilliant answers. I agree there was a definite shift in the films from Prisoner of Azkaban onwards – it seemed to be the point where the filmmakers started getting more inventive and being free to create fresh scenes and magical elements on their own, rather than sticking too rigidly to the books.

    I also like that Ginny is your favourite character – she’s brilliant. Even though it’s Order of the Phoenix where she really starts coming into her own (much like Neville), you can see little hints beforehand of the person she really is when she’s not distracted by her crush on Harry, like when she and Harry share a little laugh at the train station in PoA. It’s a shame she’s not done enough justice in the films.

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    1. Yeah I’d like to have seen more of Ginny in the films, particularly more of her and Harry’s developing relationship and the way Harry’s feelings for her changed. It was one of the most rewarding parts of the books when she and Harry finally got together, because of the emotional buildup, and we didn’t really see much of that in the films.


  2. Hey P.J., just wanted to drop by and say how much your blog has ment to me lately. Although I began followwing you just recently, I’ve been reading along for a while and have often used your reviews to decide what to watch and such. I’m also a whovian an a potterhead, as well as a sherlockian (altough I do prefer holmies 😉 ), and share many of your Ideas.
    I was wondering if I could do this Harry Potter tag on my blog in the future?
    Whatever the answer to that is, know that I’ll be sticking around.
    Read you soon & happy new year,

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    1. Hey there, thanks for the kind words! It’s great to know people enjoy reading my blog and that it’s been useful to you haha 🙂

      You can certainly do the Harry Potter Tag if you want. I didn’t create it or anything, I got it myself off a different blog. I’ll look forward to reading your answers :p


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