On Steven Moffat’s departure

10 thoughts on “On Steven Moffat’s departure”

  1. I was never a person who was against Moffat as showrunner in general. I quite liked what he did with the show, but I do think that it is time for a change, so I think it’s a good thing he is leaving. However, I am massively disappointed that there will now be an entire year without Who, because that is just not cool. I get that he wants a grand exit, but doing so by angering the fans is not the best start.

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    1. I’m not sure who was behind the decision to delay series 10, but it sounded like it was more a BBC decision than a Moffat decision. Either way, the wait better be worth it!

      There’s also the spinoff, Class, coming out later this year, which is something at least. I’m interested to see how that will turn out.

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      1. Well, the article I read said that it was Moffat who wanted to make sure that his final season was worthy. I guess all the media talk about it in a different way …
        I know about Class, but somehow I am not very convinced about that one …

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      2. Eh, it could be interesting. It sounded like everyone was disappointed when Class was announced (they were expecting something better), but I’m pretty interested to see how it turns out. I have an idea that the new companion might feature in Class before Doctor Who…

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  2. I am happy and sad at the same time at him leaving…He is a fantastic writer but a bit of a snob as a real life person. Do you know when Class is going to be released?? Won’t even mention about no season 10 this yr…..

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    1. No definite air date confirmed yet for Class, but it’s supposed to begin shooting soon, so we should expect it to air later this year, maybe the time Doctor Who is usually on (August-October-ish).

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  3. Moffat is “my” Doctor Who era too, and despite my complete love for 10 as he was my first Doctor, Matt will forever be “my” Doctor.
    I’m gutted we have to wait to long for a new series, but I agree that it might help. I just hope we aren’t disappoint when it arrives and it isn’t as good as we wished…
    Concerning Moffat leaving though, I’m gutted. I know it was time but I’m going to miss his style a lot. I’ll be forever grateful that he finished Rivers storyline before he left though. I’m glad he didn’t leave that in the hands of anyone else!

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    1. I wouldn’t say I’m gutted by him leaving, because I think it’s time for a new showrunner, but I’m still going to miss having him at the helm! I hope at least that he continues to write for Doctor Who, maybe going back to doing one or two scripts a year, like he did under RTD… there may yet be more Moffat masterpieces to come! 🙂


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