Unique Blogger Award

12 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award”

  1. Ah, thanks for nominating me! I only just saw this when I was stalking your blog :p.

    If you didn’t know, if you link to a blog home page (like http://www.therosequartz.com) it won’t notify the blogger than you tagged them. If you link a specific blog post, they’ll get a notification.

    I actually nearly choked a sob reading your Doctor Who quote, fgs. I can’t even deal with all the emotions. My poor heart.

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    1. Oh okay, thanks! I will bear that in mind from now on haha.

      Did you really? Sorry about that haha. I never took it as a sad quote, I’ve always taken it as a very positive sentiment: make the most of your life, make sure you have a great life to look back on, etc. I find it very inspiring.

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