5 exciting new shows I’m excited about

2 thoughts on “5 exciting new shows I’m excited about”

  1. I’m waiting to see footage of Class before forming an opinion, could be good or could be meh. I hadn’t heard of The Crown before now but Claire Foy is amazing – Wolf Hall is in my opinion one of the best TV shows ever made and she was one of the best parts of it – interesting she’s playing a queen again. I read a series of unfortunate events as a child and loved them (though I remember the last book being extremely confusing and it left major plot lines unfinished) it has been a while since I’ve read them and the actor playing Olaf is not someone I’m keen on, but I am intrigued to see what it will be like all the same.

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    1. I haven’t read Lemony Snicket since I was a child either, so I’m quite fuzzy on the details of the stories but I remember absolutely adoring them so I’m looking forward to seeing them made into an extended TV drama. Maybe it’s an excuse for me to read them again…

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