Interesting news about Chris Chibnall’s plans for Doctor Who

9 thoughts on “Interesting news about Chris Chibnall’s plans for Doctor Who”

    1. Clara and Danny Pink wasn’t really a whole-series story, though, it was just a side-arc punctuated throughout 11 different stories, and Moffat has done one of those every series. I’m talking about one story told over 11-12 episodes, like Broadchurch or Series 4 of Torchwood. I’m not saying that’s what Doctor Who should look like from 2018 onwards, but it’s an interesting and novel idea, and I’d welcome it if that’s what Chibnall went with.


      1. I like the concept, but I think pacing would be an issue. I loved Gracepoint (American version of Broadchurch), but my DH was bored by ep 3, and sometimes it was too slow for me too. Season 2 was better with more characters, but the pace was equivalently slow. It would have to be a great big convoluted story to keep it from boring fans. Torchwood was better, but some longish scenes felt like they were there to drag the episode out. That’s my only major concern. As you said, Clara was a side-arc, and I could it plodding and boring. But that’s just me, and almost all of the others who I know personally who watch the show.

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    1. Hell, I’d even love to see Doctor Who made in the format of Sherlock, i.e. three or four 90 minute episodes per season – as long as that doesn’t also mean we have to wait 2 years between seasons!

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  1. I am very much looking forward to having Chibnall at the helm, and I’m quite excited to see what he will do for the show.
    He does great character work in “Broadchurch”, and aside from series 2 of Broadchurch, that show was really well done.
    I hope that he’ll be able to marry what he does best in terms of show running,with a good science fiction show, and still play on the strengths that both Moffat (high concept sci fi and great ideas) and RTD (great characters, and pay offs at the end that pays off and answers all our questions).
    It can play both ways, but I honestly think that it would be nice if we still have stand alone episodes, as breaks in between the more plot heavy episodes.
    Frankly, I’m also quite excited about the whole writers room idea, because I think that there’ll be more consistency with regards scripts.
    Sorry for the TLDR comment. 😀

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    1. If there’s one thing that undeniable about Chibnall it’s that he’s a fantastic character writer. The show he’s done that I like most actually isn’t Broadchurch, it’s a lesser-known drama called Born and Bred which is a glowing testament to Chibnall’s ability to write engaging and sympathetic characters, and it’s one of my favourite ever dramas. So I’m really looking forward to seeing Chibnall’s character writing in Doctor Who, in addition to seeing the direction he’ll take the show in general 😛

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