First impressions: World Enough and Time

7 thoughts on “First impressions: World Enough and Time”

  1. Reading yours and other reviews, I feel very alone in not enjoying this episode! That said, I do agree that some of the things you mentioned were handled well. It does have its merits when viewed on its own, and I’d probably like it a lot better if it was part of another season. But in the context of this season, with various elements that I’ve either gotten sick of or never got into from the beginning, I didn’t like it.

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    1. Yeah, I was surprised to read in your review that you were so unimpressed by it. It’s a legitimate perspective of course, but for me this was one of the best things this show has produced.

      I get what you mean about this being a disappointing season though – this episode has gone a decent way to redeeming for me what has otherwise been a pretty unremarkable season. This one, Oxygen and Extremis have been the standout episodes. Thin Ice and The Pilot were rather good, too, but everything else has been pretty thin gruel, and the Monk trilogy (at least parts 2 and 3) looked set to sabotage the whole series if the finale weren’t any good (which still remains to be seen, depending on how The Doctor Falls plays out).

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    1. That sounds cool! I’m interested – I assume it’s a piece where you’re going to have a number of different fans contribute their opinions? I’d be happy to contribute to something like that.


      1. I can do either, whatever you think is appropriate, but I like to ramble so maybe email would be better? Maybe add me on Twitter at @Npinkpanther and I’ll DM you my email


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