Thirteen: my feelings about a female Doctor

5 thoughts on “Thirteen: my feelings about a female Doctor”

  1. Excellent post. My feelings on the subject are basically the same. I didn’t want a female Doctor simply because the character has been male since his inception and I identify him as a man, plus I didn’t want a decision like this to be made based on political correctness and diversity rather than having the best person in the role. But this proved to be an unpopular opinion when I shared it among my friends on social media. Oh well. Can’t really judge until we actually see Jodie Whittaker in the role. Ultimately I can (probably) live with a female Doctor – it’s just not what I would have gone with, were it up to me.

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    1. Exactly. Any character who has been a man for 50 odd years, his fans are sure to be split on the topic of him changing the gender. But some people have really gone to the other extreme. I.e Belittling and insulting the people who haven’t exactly liked the idea. (I’m not sure, that’s a particularly correct sentence.)

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    2. I’m just still asking why Chibnall thought it would be a good idea to go with a female Doctor. There are plenty of fans who are delighted with the decision, and a lot of people who will turn on to Doctor Who out of interest and potentially become new fans (again), but it’s also alienated a very sizable chunk of the fandom. I’d be interested to know what Chibnall’s thought process was, and why he decided that alienating, even losing, so many fans was worth it.

      At the very least, at least it tells us from the get-go that Chibnall is willing to be bold in his stewardship of the show. It’s an indication that Chibnall might continue to do things to shake up the show, at least some of which we might like.

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