I’m a young Australian with too many thoughts and opinions for my own good. This blog is the repository of my commentary primarily on my favourite television programme and ever-growing obsession, Doctor Who. I will also occasionally post about other television series and works and cultural interests of mine — films, music, books, sport, etc. — as well as lighter matters in general about which I want to share my thoughts.


13 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thanks! I’ll get round to it soon, these are always a pleasure to do 🙂

      I’ll definitely keep blogging here, although probably not as frequently (I’m really looking forward to getting my leisure time back to be honest). I’ll blog more generally about Doctor Who, even if I’ve run out of things to review, and I’ll probably blog about other franchises and miscellaneous things I think worth writing about, too, given that this blog was never actually intended to be an exclusively Doctor Who blog :p

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      1. I haven’t come across anything too spoilery, unless you’re talking about that rumour of Jenna’s leaving? I kind of suspected that might be the case, I wouldn’t expect her to stay any longer tbh.

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