Doctor Who headcanon #4

Hanky-panky in the Tardis?


Doctor Who headcanon #2

Time Lord regeneration is both the secret to the continuing success of Doctor Who, and one of the great mysteries of Doctor Who mythos. It's easy to forget that the Doctor isn't human, but each time the Doctor regenerates, losing his old face and persona and gaining new, we are reminded of the alienness of… Continue reading Doctor Who headcanon #2

On a female Doctor and sex-change regeneration

The¬†regeneration of the Master into Missy has brought to the fore debate over the prospect¬†of a female Doctor. The debate among the fandom about whether the Doctor should one day regenerate into a female form onscreen has been as vociferous as any debate about UNIT dating, whether Susan named the TARDIS, or whether or not… Continue reading On a female Doctor and sex-change regeneration