Sherlock: The Final Problem

I began my reviews of Sherlock Series 4 by commenting on how far the show had evolved from its origins as predominantly a crime drama to now a show which revolves around character drama. Character drama has always been at the heart of Sherlock, and it's one of the reasons, if not the predominant reason, that… Continue reading Sherlock: The Final Problem


Whither Sherlock?

Warning: spoilers for The Final Problem. (My belated review of The Final Problem will be posted soon---I'm doing a Sherlock marathon at the moment and I'm going to write the review when I get to TFP 🙂 ) So the long-awaited fourth series of Sherlock has come and gone in a whirlwind of suspense, emotion, anticipation and controversy and it's… Continue reading Whither Sherlock?

Sherlock: The Lying Detective

Warning: spoilers. If you haven't seen The Lying Detective read on at your own certain peril. Well, that was a twist. No, I'm not talking about that twist, but I'll get to that, too. I'm talking about the one line uttered by Sherlock at the end of this episode that cast everything that happened before it in… Continue reading Sherlock: The Lying Detective

Sherlock: The Six Thatchers

Warning: spoilers. Dear lord if you haven't seen The Six Thatchers then don't read on because you will be spoiled so hard I'm not even joking. Seeing Sherlock back in action again after so long has made me realise how much the show has changed since it began in 2010. When Benedict Cumberbatch's black, moppy-haired iteration… Continue reading Sherlock: The Six Thatchers

What I’ve Been Watching

Well it's been a long time (5 months) since I've done one of these, so for this post I think I'm going to share my thoughts on a selection of the movies and TV series I've been watching recently. Studio Ghibli films: Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Whisper of the Heart, When Marnie Was There Studio… Continue reading What I’ve Been Watching

Films I watched in January

This is a brief summary of each of the films I watched in January. Source Code I tried to write a short summary of the plot here, but gave up. It proved too difficult to explain the plot, and especially the intriguing sci-fi concept around which the film revolves. You'll simply have to view it yourself, because… Continue reading Films I watched in January