Gallifreyan Ramblings has regenerated!

Welp. I was just trying to figure out how to make my header image fit the whole header section rather than 73% of it (it’s been annoying me for 2 years but I never figured out how to fix it), and one thing led to another and now I’ve got a whole new theme.

It’s about time I think, anyway. This blog has looked substantially the same since I started it in… *looks back through posts because I can’t actually remember* November 2014. I changed the background colour sometime last year to a nice creamy colour, but after 2 years I think a more radical rejuvenation was warranted.

I tried out half a dozen different themes, but I settled on the Nucleare theme with a nice Tardis blue and white colour scheme. Some of the themes I tried out were really interesting, but I think I prefer the traditional blog format of a scrolling column of text with a sidebar. It’s classic, it’s clean, it’s appealing, and, for my blog at least, it works. My old theme (Suits) was in that format, and my new theme does actually look quite similar to the old, apart from the colour scheme.

The most significant difference is that Nucleare makes more prominent use of featured images—bold and striking images on the head of each post. I like that, and I went back and changed a number of my recent posts to display a featured image (but I’m not going back and changing them all, ain’t nobody got time for that).

One thing I’m not sure about and might play around with is the header image. In my old theme, the blog title was superimposed on top of the header image (a starry night sky), which I liked, apart from the annoying bug that made the header image fill up only part of the whole header. But on Nucleare, the header image is above the title, and at the moment I think that jars somewhat with the whole aesthetic of the blog.

Anyway, what do you think?

My 1st Anniversary, and thank you

Hello, hello, dear readers,

This is just a short post to say, first, that my review of Sleep No More will be delayed at least until Wednesday as my time at the moment is consumed by studying for the two exams I have this week.

Secondly, I want to announce, belatedly, that this blog celebrated its first anniversary on 11th November, one year to the day my first post on this blog went up. Yes, I have been rambling for one whole year now! Goodness knows how you all still put up with me. In that time this blog has become my absolute pride. It’s done wonders for my writing skills and allows me to indulge my geeky love of Doctor Who to my heart’s content without annoying my friends and family. When someone asks me “Have you reviewed every episode of New Who?” I can now say “Yes,” and give them the link to this blog to prove it.

But I want to take the opportunity to thank all my dear readers and followers. You’re all wonderful, and there’s nothing that pleases me more than knowing that people enjoy my work and think it worth reading. You’re all very kind. I love chatting with you as well as reading your work as well. It was you lot that made writing upwards of 4,000 words a week for four months worth it, to be honest, so thanks awfully!

Until next time, my dears.

The “Creative Blogger” Award

Hello possums,

I’m flattered to be nominated for the Creative Blogger award by Morgan at The Secret Diary of a Computer Science Student. She and her partner Matt have the coolest life, which she writes all about in her blog, so you should defs check it out.


  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Share 5 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate some bloggers in return and notify them about their nomination.
  • Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do.

My five facts:

  • I hate to say it, but I’m a huge snob. About everything. I just can’t help myself. Share your taste in music, television, clothes or stationary with me at your peril, because you can be sure I’m judging you in my head (although you never know, I might be esteeming you). And don’t you dare say the word “bro” in my presence. Don’t you even think about it.
  • My favourite film is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I’m still a huge Potterhead, and the Dementors still scare me.
  • Apparently I look young for my age. I’m 20, and I’m often mistaken for a 15-16 year-old, including by 15 and 16 year-olds. Never fails to amuse me when people ask why I’m not at school…
  • I’m very impulsive. I do a lot of things on a total whim, including deciding on my career choice, which I did at the age of 15 literally overnight when my school’s careers advisor suggested I consider studying law. I hadn’t given it as much as a thought before, but I decided then with a suddenness that disconcerted my parents that I wanted to become a lawyer. Never looked back since.
  • Gooey Hollywood movies are my secret pleasure. You know, the ones with the totally unrealistic plotlines and the sickly sweet happy endings? I love them. If could had to choose three cultural works to take with me to a desert island, along with Doctor Who and the complete works of Shakespeare, I would take The Parent Trap. Legit.


I’m finding it really hard to find people to nominate I haven’t nominated for other awards before and whom I know well enough, so I’m going to say that if I’ve nominated you before for the Liebster or One Lovely Blog Award and you’re reading this, consider yourself nominated again! (Only if you want to, of course).

That said, I do want to expressly nominate Ojaswani at glitter2rain, who nominated me for the Liebster Award and whom I missed last time round. She has a cool pop culture blog and is currently in the course of reviewing Doctor Who!