“One Lovely Blog” Award

Sup homies,

Well, my ego has never been so smug — I’ve been nominated for another blogging award! Thanks very much to the lovely Morgan at The Secret Diary of a Computer Science Student for nominating me. I’m genuinely flattered. The “One Lovely Blog” award is a way for fellow bloggers to get to know you by telling a bit about yourself.


  • You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • You must list the rules and display the award.
  • You must add 7 facts about yourself.
  • You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

Facts about me:

  • I guess I haven’t really divulged much general info about myself to any extent on this blog before (I might add it to my currently very unhelpful “About” section sometime), so here goes: I’m a 20 years old male human from Brisbane, Australia. I’m in my third year of a law degree and want to make a career of legal practice after I graduate/qualify. Law can be interesting, but it’s just as often mind-numbingly dry, which is why I need my fandoms, this blog, and my other creative and leisurely interests as a constant outlet. Among my varied hobbies are writing, music (I play the clarinet yo, clarinets are cool), cricket, language learning and, of course, devouring quality film and television (read: Doctor Who).
  • I’m an impulse language-learner. More than once I’ve decided to start learning a new language on a whim. I have, to my embarrassment, dropped a few shortly after picking them up, but a few I’ve kept up. I’m currently learning Chinese, Latin and (for some reason) Welsh. Latin I’ve picked up recently, and I’m tentatively confident I’ll keep it up long-term, given it’s a nice, hobbyish language that doesn’t demand an inordinate amount of commitment (to be honest, every language is easy after Chinese). But I’m focussing on honing my Chinese at the moment.
  • My claim to fame: I once used a 29-letter word on the QCS Exam, which is the rigorous external, standardised exam taken by all Queensland 12th year students (that’s Sixth Form to you Brits, and senior to Americans) at the same time over two days. Floccinaucinihilipilification. It means the estimation of something as worthless. I was trying to get into the papers. “Brisbane student uses 29-letter word on QCS test, examiners baffled.” Sounds good to me. Unfortunately no journalists ever came knocking to interview me, nor did any official examiners, baffled or otherwise, ever summon me to answer for my smart-arsery.
  • I actually don’t read that much. I read a lot when I was an adolescent (I’m still a HUGE Potterhead), but less so now. Well, okay, when I say I don’t read much, I mean I don’t read much fiction. I spend an obscene amount of time wading my way through heavy legal textbooks and dry court judgments, but even when I read for leisure, I prefer to read non-fiction texts on topics that interest me: history, philosophy, politics, economics, a bit of science, a bit of social science. But I’ve recently instituted a new rule for myself to alternate between reading fiction and non-fiction. The fiction texts I’ve chosen to read under my new rule have tended to be classics: Agatha Christie, Brideshead Revisited, Paradise Lost, Picnic at Hanging Rock and Shakespeare are some of my recent picks. If anyone’s got any recommendations, though, old or new, please go ahead and shoot 🙂
  • Somewhat ironically, in light of the above, I actually quite enjoy writing fiction. I don’t do it very often, but on occasion the desire seizes me to turn my pen to story-writing, and they’ve generally been enjoyable and rewarding experiences (regardless of the quality of the actual writing). I’ve got this idea that’s been bubbling around my head for a semi-fanfiction based in (you guessed it) the Doctor Who universe which I want to get round to penning one day.
  • I’m an INTP in the Myers-Briggs personality type thingy. From what I’ve read, INTPs are kind of like the evil geniuses of the Myers-Briggs spectrum. We’re the Moriartys of the world (and, I suppose, the Sherlocks, too…) Mwahaha.
  • I think I’ve mentioned in one of my reviews that I’m hopeless with technology. Just hopeless. I should never be allowed to live alone, because I’m not confident I wouldn’t accidentally delete the internet (can the internet be deleted? I have no idea…) if left to take care of a computer on my own. Whenever I need help with my computer/phone/television/alarm clock, I go running to my brother, who, in contrast to me, is very tech-savvy.

I’m going to have a difficult time finding fifteen people to nominate whom I didn’t nominate in my Liebster Award post, so if I nominated you for the Liebster Award and you’re reading this, I nominate you again for this award!

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