Gallifreyan Ramblings has regenerated!

Welp. I was just trying to figure out how to make my header image fit the whole header section rather than 73% of it (it’s been annoying me for 2 years but I never figured out how to fix it), and one thing led to another and now I’ve got a whole new theme.

It’s about time I think, anyway. This blog has looked substantially the same since I started it in… *looks back through posts because I can’t actually remember* November 2014. I changed the background colour sometime last year to a nice creamy colour, but after 2 years I think a more radical rejuvenation was warranted.

I tried out half a dozen different themes, but I settled on the Nucleare theme with a nice Tardis blue and white colour scheme. Some of the themes I tried out were really interesting, but I think I prefer the traditional blog format of a scrolling column of text with a sidebar. It’s classic, it’s clean, it’s appealing, and, for my blog at least, it works. My old theme (Suits) was in that format, and my new theme does actually look quite similar to the old, apart from the colour scheme.

The most significant difference is that Nucleare makes more prominent use of featured images—bold and striking images on the head of each post. I like that, and I went back and changed a number of my recent posts to display a featured image (but I’m not going back and changing them all, ain’t nobody got time for that).

One thing I’m not sure about and might play around with is the header image. In my old theme, the blog title was superimposed on top of the header image (a starry night sky), which I liked, apart from the annoying bug that made the header image fill up only part of the whole header. But on Nucleare, the header image is above the title, and at the moment I think that jars somewhat with the whole aesthetic of the blog.

Anyway, what do you think?