Thoughts on: The Doctor’s Wife

One thought on “Thoughts on: The Doctor’s Wife”

  1. This is one of my favorite episodes. Idris is one of my favorite characters. And I think it was exceptional. I do think it would have been better if DT had done it (Neil Gaiman wrote it for his Doctor), but I think MS rose to the challenge and made the episode his. I felt that House, Amy, and Rory were a little over represented in the episode, but not by much — because it played off of their fears… Rory having waited again and again and again for her until eventually his love became something horrible “hate Amy, Kill Amy”. This warped new reality was gut wrenching to Amy, and it actually provoked some amazing acting out of her as well. It was one of the few times she tapped into the character’s emotional side rather than just the general detachment she carried so well. It also emphasized her love for her husband, which appeared several more times throughout the run, but her actual true emotions for him: the deep regret for leaving him, the torture of knowing that he waited, the haunting realization that waiting for her again drove him insane; all of that was important for the characters and the motivations behind the two companions. I just wish the episode was a little longer, so that we could fit all of House/Amy/Rory into it, but have more time with Idris and the Doctor.

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