Here I link to my reviews of Doctor Who stories and display accompanying ratings (which are subject to constant revision). Ratings are out of 10, where a rating of 5 is a completely average episode of Doctor Who. No objective measure is employed to determine stories’ ratings; my ratings are largely reflections of my subjective enjoyment and appreciation of the stories, and my reviews likewise don’t pretend to be an objective assessment of the quality of respective episodes (as others pretend to do), but merely articulate my personal impressions.

Two-part serials are reviewed together and given a combined rating. Where it isn’t clear whether two or more episodes are connected or separate (e.g. Utopia and The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time LordsThe Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived), I’ve made a judgment about whether to treat them as a single, multi-part story or not. Generally I prefer to treat as separate stories and review separately episodes that are clearly different scenarios (albeit narratively linked), as I did with the two Maisie Williams episodes in Series 9.

Series 11

Series 10

Christmas special (2016)

  • The Return of Doctor Mysterio (TBA)

Christmas special (2015)

Series 9

Christmas special (2014)

Series 8

Specials (2012-2013)

Series 7

Christmas special (2011)

Series 6

Christmas special (2010)

Series 5

Specials (2008-2010)

Series 4

Christmas special (2007)

Series 3

Christmas special (2006)

Series 2

Christmas special (2005)

Series 1

2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. This is really impressive number of reviews, from Rose to The Husbands Of River Song. One minor nitpick, but your grade’s off for Aliens of London / World War Three. It’s listed as a 7 / 10 here when it’s a 4 / 10 in your review.

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    • Thanks! I marathoned series 1-8 over four months in 2015 and reviewed them all as I went, just finishing up the series 8 reviews in time for series 9.

      Yeah I originally gave that one 4/10, but after rewatching it some time later I thought it deserved a higher mark and changed it, but haven’t got round to rewriting the review yet.


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