Ranking the finales (Part 2)

4 thoughts on “Ranking the finales (Part 2)”

  1. I totally agree with your top pick since it is one of the best episode(s) in Doctor Who history.
    My least favorite fanale is Stolen Earth/Journeys End don’t ask me why it just gets on my nerves ,totally fine if others like it since it has so many characters return…This post has inspired me to go and do a little binge on DW tho 😉

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  2. I think you have a good list there, personally I would put the series 1 finale top of the list, mostly for its incredible portrayal of the Daleks (my fave monster) and Ecclestone’s performance. I would also put ‘The Name of the Doctor’ bottom of the list – it just doesn’t have that re-watchability the others have and the villain is weak.


    1. It was a really close call between series 1 and series 5, they’re both phenomenal finales. Part of what tipped it for me would have been that Pandorica features my favourite Doctor and companion, Eleven and Amy, at their best, too.

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