Sherlock: The Final Problem

2 thoughts on “Sherlock: The Final Problem”

  1. I think we did deserve much better, if this is to be the end. This episode felt rushed above all else. The plotting was, as you said, lazy. And I feel that Euros, as a villian, deserved more than just an episode for the start and end of her story. If the writers had taken a season to explore the character properly and give her the same importance as they gave Moriarty, I would have liked the episode more.
    In other news, I’m glad to see you’re writing again.

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    1. Yeah, I hesitate to say Sherlock has lost its way, but it’s clear the show has been going down a different route since series 3, series 4 being the high point of the new style, and I’m not sure that’s better than the early Sherlock with its focus on dramatised mystery- and crime-solving. Certainly, for what fan opinion is worth, series 1-2 Sherlock was more popular. If Sherlock returns, as I hope it does, I’d like to see the show return to its roots.

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